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Veterans Need To Boycott 2021 Remembrance Day Services. Period!

This year will mark another Remembrance day Service Again. Speeches will be given and moments of Silence observed by thousands of Canadians.

And It's all a Joke. A Spectacle in the year 2021.

The Tyrannical Covid Lock-downs - force Vax Mandates and Government Apartheid Segregation Spectacle seen this year has done more to wake me up and snap me out of this false Tradition of "we shall never forget" Ritual.

More so than if I had seen a thousand youths acting Inappropriate on a Remembrance day Service.

At least with the disrespectful youths, they're being honest. Their Bordeness is upfront and out there for all to see. There's no mistaking them for thinking of John McCrae Flanders field poem. No "Poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row," in their minds. They could care the less, of the places "That mark our place" where they Fell.


before any of us Judged those youths, we need to ask the question to our self's which is:

"Do we know where they Fell?" Better yet, "Do you know What! They fell for?"

I was born in 1984, a teen in the 90's and in my Early 20's in the early 2000s.

I served 7 years as a Sea Cadet (from 12 to 19) and did another 6 years in the military. Army reserve 3 -years (GGFG) and Army regular force infantry 3 - years (3 RCR) . (age 20-26)


I find myself reflecting, and the one question that I have to ask myself is:

"Do we as people understand what's at the heart of Remembrance Day?

Or Have we just become Government man Centered worshipers?"

This blog might be difficult for some of you? Especially those who have Served or know someone who has Served.

If you're the sensitive type, you might want to stop reading? I mean, you should stop right now! I'm going to be brutally honest. I think it's time for us to be honest with ourselves, in order for us to understand what we veterans Actually Fought for.

It's time to understand what it is that we actually remember on those cold Remembrance day services.

So if you're looking for a Romantic piece, about remembrance day Services? Please Go Read a Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford or Jason Kenney bewailing piece on why they love Remembrance Day.

Everything that Those men stand for; In regards to their understanding of Freedom? I detest and Despise. I don't believe in their version of Freedom, my version of Freedom looks Very different from theirs.

My version doesn't have Churches being invaded businesses being shut down and Pastors being dragged off to jail.

If you see no problem with pastors being arrested businesses being locked up, and the government forcing its untested poison into the arms of people? Then you will likely not like Or agree with the rest of this blog...


For The rest of us who Love freedoms and the freedom to make Our own medical choices? Then please continue to read.

When I was a soldiers we loved remembrance day, but not because we got to show our Appreciation or even respect for the past soldiers. Most of the reasons We enjoyed remembrance day had nothing to do with Remembering some no-name 18-year-old kid, who had taken a 9 mm Mauser round in the gut; who would bleed out on some unknown Farmers field 100 years ago.

wasn't even on our minds.

We loved Remembrance day because we got to Glorify ourselves in front of all of you Civilians.

We got to wear our Fancy dark army green, Tailored cut Suits, with all of our medals Ribbons and buttons on them; we got to be Boastful idiots for a few hours. But, the best part was all the cute Girls checking us out.

Remembrance day was fantastic! For how we got to pump out our chest and walk around the city's feeling like we were superheroes...

But, Remembering the fallen? Nope that wasn't Happening...

I had been in the army for 2 full years by the time 2006 came around; and I had known my best friend who was also my roommate for the same number of years. In two years we had done a lot of Military training, and Military Exercises together. We even did a couple of Remembrance day Services together.

I being a bit of a history buff Growing up as Both sets of my Grandparents fought in WW2; As a child I got to hear some neat war stories from my Hero grandparents.

Perhaps from youthful Foolishness? I just assumed that most people had a basic working understanding of world war 2. Foolishness on my part I will now admit.

One day my buddy and I were talking at the barracks about world war 2, and my friend made the following odd Comment.

"Hitler escaped! I wonder what happened to him?"

I thought he was Joking at first? But then it dawned on me that he was Serious.

"What!?" I spoke.

"You think Hitler Survived?".

"Yeah," he responded back.

In a Sami-Excited raised tone! I said back to my friend.

"Brother! You're in your 30's, and you're telling me you think Hitler Survived the war?!"

"What's the problem?"

My friend confusingly Responded back with; As if I was the one who needed to be sent to a History Re-education camp.

I said to my buddy.

"Jake, the school system has clearly failed you if you think Hitler Survived the war; Hitler both Poisoned and then Shot himself just as the Russians started to Capture Berlin in the spring of 1945."

"What!" He said back. The tone and expression in his words and his facial expression,

made me believed that I had just revealed to him some lost history treasure, that he just saw for the first time.

A rather Heated conversation erupted which eventually resulted in My friend being forced to watch multiple world war two documentaries for a Solid week.

(To this day, I still Remind him, Jokingly, that Hitler did not escape after the war).

Now before self righteous people start thinking:

"How could someone not know the fate of History's worst Dictator?"

Let me take you down a peg or two. Most people in my generation (Millennial) especially those coming behind my generation know very little about world war two.

Schools have abandoned actual History for Revised History.

Events like World War II Aren't as Important to teach these days. Criminal History is now seen through the prism of that mean Orange man who ruled over America from Ancient times of 2016 to 2020.

Today's teachers', children and grown-ups, could barely tell you when world war 2 started, little Alone could they tell you when or how it ended.

World War 1? or Korea? Lol! Ha! Not a chance in 1000 that you would find youths in their teens, that knew or cared to Know the starting dates of those Conflicts.

Remembrance day is anything but a day of Remembrance.

At least Not in the Poetic sense that sees Thousands, if not millions! Of Canadians all broken up bawling their eyes out over the fallen who fought Gallantry over a century ago.

So, what's the point of this blog? If all I am doing is dumping on Remembrance day you might be thinking?

Realex! and bear with me as I begin to tie this together, as to why Veterans should Boycott this year's Remembrance day Services.

And it has nothing to do with a lack of respect for Freedom, but in fact! it has to do with the respect for Freedom.

A typical Remembrance day service:

When we find ourselves both Soldiers Veterans and even Civilians standing there on a cold Remembrance day Service, what is it that we are counting down towards?

the 21 gun salute? The Bugler's last call? Nope it's for the parade to be Over.

What is Usually going through our minds is Not! The image of an 18-year-old bleeding out on some 1917 blood, mud soak ground crying for his mother...

Being honest here but the average person is thinking.

"What will I have for Lunch when this Boring Parade service is over?"

Perhaps? The thought of: "I will get a coffee at the local coffee store on my way to the Mall, where I need to buy some Underpants and then afterwards? I might go to a restaurant before I go home."

"Oh! And It's so cold outside! I can't feel my toes, When will this awful boring parade be over?"

If this offends you? Then please click the link below to understand why mankind is so brutal, and can only think of himself, even when he is supposed to be thinking of others.

While the above link can Address our Self-centred sinful nature.

What needs to be highlighted for the nature of the rest of this blog, Is whether the cause to the sacrifice is worth remembering? In other words.

The cause of Remembrance should always be the foundation, not the battles and not the people. If The sacrifice can be redefined by politicians As for seeing today, then the battles the soldier sacrifice can be redefined based on who's in political office. Someone died hundred years ago so that the government can suspend your liberties over medical choice?

Once we forget the cause, behind the sacrifice then we as a society have no problem in arresting teens on a frozen pond over arbitrary Covid measures.

I'll take a disrespectful youth over a history illiterate man in his 30'd any day of the week, who knows not the begin of WW1 but yet understand that Freedom was Foundational to the soldiers cause.

That Freedom looks like being allowed to go to a Skating park, unmolested by some zealous Health cop. I'll take these people's Definition of freedom over A self-righteous Person/politician/Soldier who is able to tell me this Country's war history Perfectly.

Politician Like Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, & Justin Trudeau could ALL tell you Precisely to the date, of when WW1, WW2 and Korea Started. They can also tell you that they see Nothing wrong with a kid being Tasered for Refusing to comply with an arbitrary Covid law. A law that Says no to skating outside due to Covid? I'll let you workout the logic in how Covid doesn't spread during a BML protest or an LGBT Pride parade, but a kid skating on a pond is Covid rich Territory?

It's Freedoms! that lies in the meat and potatoes of this blog.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Malls in themselves are Not sinful.

While we can discuss the appropriateness of whether someone should be thinking about these things during Remembrance day services can be have?

Doesn't change the fact That these Freedoms that millions of Canadians have actually outline the context of what a soldier fights for, better than John McCrae war poem Can.

McCrae tells you how They died he doesn't tell you What they died for.

God, Restaurants, coffee shops and anything else in between are better Descriptions of what a soldier fight for then:

"He fought for his country"

These kind of slogan drives me nuts! Because only fascists say lines like this.

Trust me! Soldiers don't fight for their country.

Nobody fights for their country. It's lazy language, and if you're guilty of saying this in the past, you should stop doing it Immediately.

But if you are a "soldier" "Cop" or a person who wants to fight for their country? Then your typically the Soldier / Cop that is fighting for a government ideological belief in government.

And your dangerous!

They/ you're the kind of soldiers that will stick 6 million Jews in a concentration camp because their government Tells them to do so.

They're the kind of soldier/cop that will say, "I was just following orders".

You don't want soldiers, Police officer who can't describe what he/she is Fighting for in the simplest of manners, without having to point to the government for his/her Inspiration and cause definition.

In the World War 2 HBO miniseries Called "The Pacific," The producers Of the show Give the viewer a pornographic Orgy of violence That shows the horrors of war. The documentary series captures the absolute worst of man's fallen, wicked Heart. One of the characters a young Marine by the name of Robert Leckie, will Participate in some of the most gruesome fights of the Pacific war. From the horror show of Guadalcanal, To the outright nightmare of Peleliu., "Lucky" would survive the war but barely. Both physically and emotionally damaged, Leckie just wants to live for the freedoms that he fought for. After the war we see two of those freedoms Portrayed in the series. While at his parents place Leckie is with his girlfriend (the first cause / reason) After some uncomfortable moments with his family discussing politics, Leckie finally tells his family what he fought for. "You want to know what I fought for?...TV"

Whether it's TV? Or The Freedom of going to a restaurant it's the simplest of things that soldiers tend to fight for. It's in the small details that represent what freedoms look like, and it's these small freedoms that we Canadians think about when we're bored.

Not too many of us are thinking about the government when were bored. If anything were trying to not think of How much, our government likes to control our lives.

Being harassed by one's government over the Smallest and Simplest things of life Cannot! be confused For a reason why any soldier would endure hardships . Being forced to take an experimental drug or lose your job and special privileges like going to a Restaurant, is not a Quality that free people will fight for.

If your definition of Freedom is having the government force you to take medicine that you don't want as you being free? Then your Part of the problem to The symbols of Freedom.

If we wish to not learn from History of what happens when governments run out of control? Then I asked you what are you remembering on those cold November days? Why not remember the Nazi soldiers? they to are fighting for their government.

I now understand what remembrance day Actually is, and it took the action of Foolish Politicians and People who hate Freedom to remind me of what Freedom really Looks like.

Going to church, coffee shops, or restaurants are more than just places they are symbols of a Blessed and free society.

I know people who lost their lives in the service of this Country Afghanistan and here in Canada During training. And while I may not have been close to them, I Nonetheless knew them well enough to say with Confidence what many of them were doing on remembrance day Services when they were alive.

Many of them were not thinking of some past Soldier bleeding out in some farmer's ditch 100 years ago. Instead, I know that many of them were relishing in the day's freedoms, including going out to Restaurants After the Boring parade.

As a veteran I cannot wear the same Poppy as Jason Kenny, Doug Ford or Justin Trudeau in good conscience.

All 3 men have done as much damage to Freedom as any Freedom-hating nation Could do if they were occupying Canada.

I will not Attend or Participate in this year's Remembrance Day Services, not because I hate Freedom but because I Respect Freedom.

Therefore, if you too Enjoy or Have ever Enjoyed a hot Chocolate after a Remembrance Day Service, in a Café? Or the local Tim Horton's then I say for the sake of Future freedom loving Canadians send the government a message. Let them know that we will not show up to celebrate their version of Freedom. It's not Freedom! It's Tyranny and it should not be Remembered nor celebrated .

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