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John MacArthur vs. His Critics

I was in a recent battle with an Atheist on Twitter. The topic? Evil, and how could God let the Texas Massacre take place.

My opponent? An upset arrogant atheist, who was trying to convince me that if there were a real God, he would never let a Massacre like the one that happen in Texas occur.

The Christian response—simple: There is no good person, No one is entitled to pain free existence. All of humanity have sinned against a holy, and righteous God. Thus, bad things will happen, as the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Pause! Atheist, take a deep breath as I'm about to show you what you Believe.

Fish Pond+ Billions of years + lots of fish-killing (AKA Murderer) = Charles Darwin, Monkey to man Mythology (who's your Fish Daddy).

Which is still better than Lawrence Krauss. Nothing + Nothing = Something—stupidity!

That's what God haters, have been reduced down to. To believe in A fish, and or, to believe nothing holds the key to something.

Please, someone, slap me across the face.

Wanting to spare myself from further brain cell depletion in my most recent battle, I decided to tag in a heavyweight.

John MacArthur Sermon on evil, to address the Narcissistic Dogmatic Atheist, who was trying to lecture a Christian, on murder as an objective reality? (I'll let you digest that one)

YouTube Video Title: "John MacArthur: Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?"

This video is an Excellent, straightforward Christian position on evil, and why God lets evil Occur.

So # tag your not a good person, # tag stop lying to yourself, # tag repent of your sins you Baboon Believers. For you are made in the image of God! Not Curious, George.

"Type and Send!"

My Metaphorical Mike Tyson preacher video went through the Lord's Internet waves on Twitter. Mission Accomplished! Sit back and watch the Conversion happen.


Within a short time I had Another Atheist, who decided to get in on the action.

At least he was theological in his rebuke. At the very least, he had the Intellectual wits to watch the John MacArthur Video before opening his mouth.


The comment:

"The guy who covered up abuse, hosted superspreader events, and protected a pedophile?"

"Of course! Why am I not surprised!" My inner monologue chimed in. Followed up with —No one is Righteous, no not one!

Okay, Baboon Believers, let's do this!

Let's entertain your stupidity ones again!

The COVID superspreader portion of the Tweet is the simplest to deal with. Why? Because it's called John MacArthur's huge Legal victory Against the county of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles had tried to shut down John MacArthur's church during Covid.

The science wasn't on the side of Los Angeles, neither was the Constitution.

MacArthur won! and the county of Los Angeles had to write MacArthur a BIG FAT check for $800,000. So, take that! You believers of nothing—to—something!

But if that's not good enough for you? Then let me poke you Metaphorically right in your Baboon Believing eyes—to ones! Again, show you that you're not neutral—you blind Hypocrites.

I call this the Hypocrisy maker.

Fifty thousand people Crammed in a football Stadium should shut the mouths of any Mudpuddle Believer, for at least five minutes.

Long enough for them to do another five minutes Anti-Christian Google Search—the topic? 10 ways to stump a Christian.

Maybe, you mudpuddle believers should stick with more of your Bible contradiction challenges? At least those are fun to refute.

Nether Atheists took the time out, to watch the John MacArthur video—explaining why God allows evil to happen. That became redundantly clear, with the atheist adolescent, responses.

John MacArthur isn't shy about calling God-haters out to repent! and calling those who profess to be Christians, to live a holy lifestyle.

Of course, this kind of non-compromising with the world, doesn't sit well with secular society. Therefore, both God-haters, False Christians and perhaps some weak in the faith Christians? Attack John MacArthur at every possible chance they get. They don't like John MacArthur, and their criticisms for him revealed that crystal clear.

People don't like the gospel message being preached Biblically, and they will stoop down to levels that would normally shock people. God-haters often reverts to lying about what you (True Christian) believe in. Not only do they lie, but often many God-haters are lying to themselves about what they, truly know of Christianity.

The excuses that I've heard are pretty much, partyline Atheist talking points.

1) I used to be a Christian.

2) I've read the Bible.

It doesn't take long to figure out that one, they were never Christian, and two their grasp of even basic scripture is nonexistent. But that doesn't stop them, from trying to explain Scripture to the Christian. (Eye-Roll)

Many God-hater presupposition on what Christianity is —often Incorrect, confused, or is simply a Marvel (Thor) theology understanding.

I kid you not. The hatred for God reduces even advance medical doctors, down to the point of acting like infant Children.

Therefore, when a critic makes claims against a true believing Christian? Needless to say, I'm going to hold an extremely high biblical standard for the critic.

2 to 3 Eye-Witnesses
2 to 3 Eye-Witnesses

The Biblical standard is 2 to 3 Eye-Witnesses.

Let's cross-examine the evidence to the John MacArthur accusations.

"The guy who covered up abuse, hosted superspreader events, and protected a pedophile?"

1) "covered up abuse"

Christianity has a high standard on accusations; the concept of innocent before guilt is a Christian attribute—you're welcome world.

But as we see with other Christian attributes, that are being eroded away by God-haters; So too is the presumption of innocent. Guilt is now a forgone conclusion, Innocence is only proclaimed by the mob.

Well, biblically, I say; that's not good enough!

But, even when there is evidence? The Christian worldview teaches that we have a right to cross-examine that evidence.

Since we live in a fallen world, it is not unusual for evidence to be Interpretative to fit a narrative, that is often twisted by unmoral persons, who wish to push a particular agenda.

Cross-examination allows the other side to question, the evidence that's being put forward, in order to get to the truth.

"The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him." Proverbs 18:17

The atheist who provided me his opinions on why he thinks John MacArthur, covers up abuse and protected Pedophiles, seems to have based his opinion on an RTT Article. Which he provided as his source.

The article title: "EXCLUSIVE: John MacArthur Covered Up Pastor’s Sexual Abuse, Witnesses Say"

was written by Julie Roys.

Roys is the founder of the website called "The Roys Report" .

I have to admit at the time of writing this article I was not familiar with Roys.

But after reading her article and doing some research on her, she strikes me as a person who is interested in writing a story, no matter the cost.

There are numerous of issues that I have with her article, which Includes how she manipulates details to make it appear that John MacArthur covered up sexual abuse, when in fact there was no cover-up.

Her own article can't even conclusively point to an organized MacArthur cover-up.

Oh sure she tries, but when the smoke on the battlefield is cleared—it becomes evident that she hasn't actually proven her claims.

I have decided that due to the Volume of issues and concerns, that I have with Roys article, that I will have to do a separate article specifically to address Julie Roys, criticism of John MacArthur. Thus, I will hold my tongue for a future article on Julie Roys .

In the recent truth matter Conference Q&A question period, MacArthur spoke in a Broad Response to his Critics.

MacArthur tells Phil Johnson the following:

"I find my Comfort in 2 Corinthians 1:12. My Conscience is clear; I find my Comfort when I look Patricia [MacArthur's wife] in the face, and I know she Believes in me and trusts in me, and when I come Together with my Children, who I love, and my Grandchildren and they love me, and they Believe in me, and the elders of grace life church uphold me in their Prayers, and the Congregation of grace church is my family.

It really is of no Consequence what some attacking force would have—nothing to do with my life or nothing to do with our church says about me. They [RTT] have their own purposes, but I don't need to deal with them. The Lord will deal with them in his own way."

MacArthur doesn't play the Devil's gutter games of Metaphorical poop throwing, Gossip Entertainment. Even if that means people wish to slander him. MacArthur has a Biblical policy of not entertaining the deceived in their childish games. This is a Characteristic that we all can learn from.

If John MacArthur's critics don't like How he won't stoop down to their level by responding to their allegations? Well, that's a you issue. It's not John MacArthur's issue, and it's not, at large a Christian issue.

2) "Pedophile".

Assistant Professor Advocates Against Stigma for ‘Minor-Attracted People’
Assistant Professor Advocates Against Stigma for ‘Minor-Attracted People’

An atheist can't be consistent for more than five minutes.

Today atheists call pedophilia Morally wrong. Tomorrow they'll call it minor-attracted persons, a Virtue. In the atheist worldview, there are no standards. They wait five minutes before they change their minds, and demand that everybody else change theirs.

Only in the Christian worldview can we call pedophilia absolutely wrong!

John MacArthur has preached against those who pervert Genesis 2:24, and has done so his entire time in ministry. This includes pedophilia.

So, unless you have direct evidence to suggest otherwise, then calling John MacArthur a "pedophile supporter" is simply showing your adolescents and Immaturity. Thus, your attempted smear, and criticizing of a Godly man is simply Dismissed!

My final remarks.

Even if you reject everything that I have said. And you wish to believe that MacArthur is a Pedophile supporter—a child Abuser protector?

You still have missed the whole point.

The point being:

What does MacArthur have to do with the standard of God?

John MacArthur is a child of God —his is not God! MacArthur was saved like the rest of us former God haters, and that was by the grace and work of God—and God alone.

Don't Like John MacArthur? Okay, it doesn't change the fact that God still permits evil to occur. You're still going to have to reconcile that God does, allow evil to happen.

And before you get your baboon Guts out of order, let me remind you that your worldview also permits evil to happen.

The only difference is that in your worldview; you shouldn't get upset. Ever!

Murder, rape, racism, unkindness, etc... Is what you guys embrace as the bedrock, of your origins.

Remember, it's your worldview that has the unguided, un-purposed fishpond as your origins. You started out—in a fish-eat-fish environment.

Whereas the Christians has the pre-fallen world as our standard.

We have ultimate love as the bedrock to our worldview.

Whatever happened in the Holocaust? compares to nothing, to what happened at the beginning stages of your Storybook on origins.

You should be perfectly okay with the concept of evil. Evil in your worldview is just survival of the fittest.

Yet! you're not okay with (evil) death.

And you want to know why you're not okay with it? Because you're made in the image of God, and not the Image of a Baboon.

Whether you like it or not, you live in God's world.

And because you live in his world, you know that death is a severe punishment, placed on this world.

If you disagree with this? Then put your money where your mouth is, and start living consistent with your baboon worldview.

Stop crying over death!

Every single person on this planet will face death. It can be brought by a mass murderer, a plague, a war or in a bed when you're 87 years old. Death will come for us at some point. That's a promise!

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23

I want you to remember this. The moment you complain about evil, is when you give credit to the worldview that you don't want to give credit to. Only in Christ dose death make sense. And lord willing you will begin to deal with this.

Don't want to watch John MacArthur's video? fine! don't!

It makes no difference to me, for I could have chosen any gospel preacher, to address the issue of why God permits evil to occur. I chose John MacArthur not out of favoritism but simply because John MacArthur's name happened to pop up in my head. Don't want John MacArthur? Then Pick your Biblical preacher.

Paul washer, RC Sproul, Charles Spurgeon, and George Whitfield Are just a few preachers of a vast amount of preachers who have all preached, on the question of evil.

Don't like that? Tough Bananas! That's not my issue, for I have already reconciled man's Condition before a Holy and Just God.

I caution you baboon believers; who believes nothing can turn into something on it's own. Stop with your diversionary tactics, and start dealing with your own worldview's inabilities to explain evil. Either you believe in the mudpuddle mythology or you don't? You can't have it both ways.

As for John MacArthur? I will Proudly endorse that solid man in the faith, and his Sermons any day of the week! I will promote that man's character, as a standard to follow for any inspiring Christian, who is currently being sanctified. I will also continue to use John MacArthur's sermons, to Aid me in answering mudpuddle believers questions.

If you don't like that? Then take your complains to a vacuumed sealed bag. Where you Believe, nothing turned into something—File your complaint into the void of nothing that you believe Exist. And watch what happens to your complaint. Nothing.

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