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Biblical Gender Roles: The Bible's Clear Stance on Women in Combat!

Updated: May 15

Facebook link is here where you can debate me

Introduction: Propaganda in Warfare vs. Biblical Gender Roles

With the war currently taking place between Russia and Ukraine, we see a lot of propaganda by the Ukrainians, spinning tales of superhero or superwomen warriors! At least, that's what they're trying to do to help support Ukraine.

(Not so much now 2024)

So, I made a Facebook post about why I think having women in combat goes against the biblical standard of what God intended women to do, and how I also think it's a strategic mistake to have women in combat roles.

The Biblical Perspective on Gender Roles

There is no question about it; the Bible gets it right when it comes to the role of women, and it attacks cultures that distort, degrade, abuse, and use them. So to my friends in our society who are sinners, why do you tout your unbridled lust for the women you claim to liberate?

Modern Misinterpretations of Scripture

They claim they are fighting against the oppression of women and that the Biblical Gender Roles find in Scripture is supposedly taught in the Bible by men to keep women down!

So the Ukrainians were putting pretty women into uniforms and pretend they were going to war.

Modern Misinterpretations of Scripture

They did this to help get the West on their side to supply them with weapons and to prolong the unnecessary carnage that was taking place in this particular war.

This world has constant propaganda for women to be free from the consequences of having a good Christian man in their lives The propaganda machines, that are led by the opposite side (men), that come to the women's defence on the social issues are the same men that will dupe women into believing they are indeed free by telling the women to drop their pants and express themselves; so are they really free? If single women want to be in the military, in a supporting role, like a cook or another supporting role like that, that is okay, to a degree

The Dangers of Women in Combat

But there should be no reason why a Christian woman would want to serve in the military, especially today's military, when it's so politically correct. Actually, I would recommend both Christian women and Christian men stay far away from any military position.

Cultural Hypocrisy and the Honor of Women

Please tell me, you sinners of both genders, how does our culture honour women? Sure they can vote! They can go to work! And work 60 hours a week, as men, and they can be free from taking care of a cute baby!

They have the same opportunities as men do, but are they truly left with any dignity or honour?

I also think it would be hard for any Christian to serve in modern militaries, without putting their convictions at risk (I think a role in the police service would put their convictions at risk, as well).

The Abuse of Women in Modern Culture

Let's be honest with ourselves; women are more abused today, in the culture of freedom of the "woman", than they have ever been in history.

That being said, if a woman joins the military in a supporting role, the military should adopt the same practice as the Israeli army does regarding their women soldiers. (More so the Israeli army of the 20th century; in the 21st-century, it is becoming quite corrupt in its Western thinking).

But women have no business being in combat! We don't need our male soldiers looking at female soldiers! They need to be looking at the frontline.

The soldier's mind should be 100% on destroying the enemy and not imagining his new bride on his wedding night; or, in the Atheists worldview, a one-night stand (aka SIN!). This role should be strictly a male position; aside from what I think, I don't understand why women would want to be in combat in the first place.

Now for you dirty men who have given up on all self-respect for the opposite gender, can you now admit that you are lustful perverts, who like your pornography that turns women and girls into sex objects? And can you admit that you are also victimizing these women in this dirty profession?

I posted a picture of propaganda of a Ukrainian woman looking like she's going to war. If anybody knew anything about the military, they could clearly tell that this picture has been staged. If anybody went to war the way she was dressed, they would be coming home in a casket, especially in Ukraine.

So I titled the post, "Armies that are supposed to be winning don't make their women take up arms." I first saw this on Twitter, from another Twitter user, and thought it would be a great post for my Facebook page.

Unless the woman is left with no choice but to stand and fight, I see no reason to allow women in combat.

We are, definitely, living in strange times, where common sense has gone completely out the window. The reason why the Bible doesn't specifically say women cannot go to war is because it was obvious that nobody wanted to go to war and the men had to be men and do this unpleasant task.

Even in church history, this topic is mocked by the first known Christian scholar, Clement of Alexandria (ca. AD 155–215), who would have agreed wholeheartedly with what I have written.

So I plan on making this blog about why I, biblically, cannot support women joining the military. I think it's common sense, so God didn't need to tell mankind this particular no-brainer. That being said, I am aware of certain situations where women may need to be in battle...I get it. I'm not saying anything about women who are caught up in a defensive situation.

But, you dirty sinful women that make these dirty perverts feel like there's no shame in it, have been sold a bill of lies by the same people who turn you into sex objects. They are the same people who are the biggest champions for you to degrade yourself as a poor streetwalker.

But, I do not see myself as the authority on this matter, since I have no real credibility of who I am to you. We will use the authority of God's word on this subject and what God has said about men and women.

And for you feminists who don't like the sex trade but love Darwin and evolution, I don't know why you get angry at the sex trade?

When women are treated like animals for people's sexual desires or when a military man treats you like an animal in a male industry, you get upset and complain that men should not have done this.

I agree, but since we live in a fallen world, and you reject Christ's teachings regarding lust Matthew 5:28, what on earth are you to expect?

You believe you came from animals, so wouldn't this be something you would expect? But yet, you reject that notion. Why is that? It's because you know human beings have value!

You know the pornography industry is degrading women like animals. And for all you white knight men who want to come to the aid of these feminists, be honest and admit that you're just doing this so you can have no consequences and no commitment. And if you get her pregnant, you can tell her to get an abortion, so you don't have to deal with the consequences of your sinful actions! You people disgust me the most!

You're doing this for your own selfish reasons; be a man and take responsibility for your sinful lust that got you into that situation, and repent to Christ for what you did. One way to repent for your actions is to support the woman you got pregnant.

The Bible gives us a framework for understanding God’s intentions for men and women. Has God revealed any principles about gender roles that reflect on how a nation can be blessed by God instead of being cursed by God?

God created male and female, He made them different physically and distinct in their roles. Genesis 2:18 makes Eve’s role clear: “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

Eve was from the bone and flesh of Adam, she is equal in her standing before God and yet different from man (Galatians 3:28).

However, God gave Adam the authority to name the animals and to also name his wife. God does this to indicate that she does not share equal authority with her husband. In the Bible’s wording, she is his helper.

How is a woman actually helping a man in combat? She's not, in fact, she's putting her life and his life in danger. Especially when you're talking about young men, whose hormones are out of control; you need that man to be focused on his duty.

But you, women, who are too stupid to realize you are being fooled into being treated as sex objects, need to repent of this wicked evil spirit that has trapped you. There is still hope for you, repent and your sins can be forgiven.

Adam and Eve already had their gender roles, but as a result of the fall, their roles became toilsome and painful.

God allowed Eve (and her female descendants) to bear children, but childbirth would be associated with pain, as well as concerns about bringing a child into this sinful world.

God tells Eve, “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you”.

But to you, foolish men, who take advantage of women because you realize the woman is the weaker vessel, are leaving these women with emotional scars, financial scars, and physical scars! May God curse you for this.

Eve will try to usurp her husband’s role as head, but God requires Adam to keep her from doing so, resulting in conflict. The nature of sin for a woman is to rule over man, and it's man's duty to make sure this doesn't happen.

God is painted as a warrior on behalf of Israel (Isaiah 42:13). The bodyguards of the king of Israel are referred to as “sixty mighty men, some of the mighty men of Israel” (Song of Solomon 3:7–8). Now, I don't see anywhere it says women, do you?

When reading the word of God (specifically Genesis to Esther), we always encounter male armies! We never encounter or even read about a female army or female warrior coming up against Israel’s army!

Pagan armies that fought against Israel’s army were all only male (1 Samuel 4:9–10); and if that's not offensive enough for you, then listen to what God has to say about women as soldiers, compared to men. He uses gender to insult and shame men who don't fight (Jeremiah 51:30).

The armies that Israel fought in the Bible were all male armies; why would this be? Because war, back then, wasn't fought by the push of a button. It was close, personal, and physically demanding, nothing short of pure madness.

This was something that people did not look forward to doing. This is why when men who refused to participate in battle were always referred to as women, as an insult.

Now, for all you feminists that claim we are in the modern days of push button battle (that it is like a game), and that women should be able to serve in the slaughter of human beings, just as men can. I reject this sick notion of pure evil, on part of women to come up with something this foolish.

Isn’t it bad enough that you allow an irresponsible man to convince you to make a blood sacrifice to the altar of your god, by means of abortion? (See Baal)

Is your thirst for blood not satisfied enough from slaughtering your own flesh and blood, that you want to go out and kill men?

You are like Bonnie and Clyde! You, Clyde, can make Bonnie feel guilty for the rest of her life; because Clyde got what he wanted from her and Bonnie is now left with the damage you have done. You made her ashamed of herself, to the point where she has become vicious toward other women, who oppose abortion.

This is the sinful nature on part of women, as in Genesis, after the fall, the woman (Eve) would always want to control the man (Adam).

And yes, I have been told the aforementioned things by a feminist. War is not and should never be treated as a game. If you want to play a game, go buy a PlayStation and load up your game, Call of Duty.

You dirty, sinful men, need to repent and make restitution to these women if you have committed any of these atrocities.

So please tell me, women and men, where is the freedom, dignity, and honour in this?

When discussing men and women in the military, do you ever see the Bible talking about women in battle? Abram gathered a strike force to rescue his cousin, Lot, from his kidnappers, who did he choose? Did he choose 318 women to go and rescue his cousin? No, he chose 318 fighting men! (Genesis 14:14–15).

When Moses assembled an army to attack the Midianites, he selected “men of war” (Numbers 31:3; 31:21; 31:49).

When Moses picked his army to attack the Midianites, he gave a Winston Churchill style speech to the boys, like it was D-Day. He didn't mention anything to do with women in his speech.

Listen to what God instructed the Israelites to do when going to war. He told them if there was anybody who hadn't enjoyed his new bride for him not to go to war and for anybody who was a coward not to go to war. So, if God intended women to go to war, why would God not say that to the women? (Deuteronomy 20:5–8).

"And is there any man who has betrothed a wife and has not taken her? Let him go back to his house, lest he die in the battle and another man take her.’ And the officers shall speak further to the people, and say, o‘Is there any man who is fearful and fainthearted? Let him go back to his house, lest he make the heart of his fellows melt like his own.’"

When Joshua marched into Jericho, he used the men to march around it (Joshua 6:3–9). Isn’t it true that when Joshua attacked Ai, he had a male army (Joshua 8:3)? And what happened with Gideon before he went to work? God reduced his manpower to 300 men, that wasn't 300 women (Judges 7:7).

Isn’t it true that Saul’s army was only male (1 Samuel 11:8)? And what about King David’s bodyguards, were they women or were they mighty men (2 Samuel 23:8–37)? Jehoshaphat’s army enlisted only men (2 Chronicles 17:10–19).

There is not one Bible verse that supports women in combat; there is no mention of them in battle, at all. So let me repeat that again to you, blue hair feminists, "There were no women in combat roles in the Bible."

Daughters Served in Domestic Roles

Samuel reported this as God’s word to Israel (1 Samuel 8:13).

The Israeli Model: An Alternative for Women in the Military

So if the woman feels like it's her civil duty to serve her country, in a military role, it's a conscience issue for them, but I do believe there can be a compromise. We can adopt the the Israeli approach to having women in the military. I do believe it could be done better, however, it could definitely be utilized to create an effective army.

What I like about the Israeli army is that the law actually requires a women's battalion and women soldiers are barred from joining the frontline combat brigades, which are deployed in the event of war.

Mandatory service for women in the IDF is 24 months, apart from roles specified in law which require a service length of 30 months. Women may be exempted from military service for reasons of religious conscience, marriage, pregnancy, or motherhood. A woman may receive an exemption on religious grounds under the following conditions:
She has declared that for reasons of conscience, or a religious way of life, she is prevented from doing military service and has proven this to the satisfaction of the exemption committee.

The Role of Women as Supporters in the Military

The main focus of a single woman in the military should be in a helper/supporter role. This would be a fantastic practice for future marriage. Some of the roles she could take would be the following: nurses, signal operators, drivers, clerks, cooks, etc..

Biblical Support for Women as Helpers

This is all backed up by Scripture, for the women to be a helper! And I truly believe if the government adopted this practice, that nation would be blessed in ways it could only imagine.

I would like to see the Israeli army crackdown on women dressing inappropriate with their uniforms. especially if they want to train our women to value themselves as people instead of objects to be used by the government and men. However, this is very unlikely to happen in this ungodly world.

For example, 1 Peter 3:1–5 tells women to dress modestly and to place their primary focus on their spiritual development. Ephesians 4:17–19 tells the people of God not to be like unbelievers, who engage in lewdness

Romans 12:1 makes clear that we are to present our bodies as holy and acceptable before God—which we can hardly do, if we refuse to live modestly or within the male or female boundaries God formed in us.

Conclusion: The Role of Women in the Military and Society

Could you imagine a country that raised up righteous, Christian women to serve their righteous, Christian men? The military could be a good training organization to help both genders. God’s Word makes it clear, that Adam’s original role was to be the leader in the family and Eve’s original role was to be the man's helper for her husband and family!

For a wife, or a mother to even consider going into the military would go against everything God had intended for the woman.

The role of the woman, as a wife, is to tend to her husband and the children. How can she do this if she's in the military? Especially, if there is a potential that she's going to have to leave for months on end. Remember, this doesn't just apply to the military. Any job that has the woman leaving her husband and children for sustained periods of time is wrong. You're looking at potential disaster for that marriage and family.

So when men went to war (Deuteronomy 3:18), the women and children would stay home (Deuteronomy 3:19–20; Joshua 1:14–15). Also, Deuteronomy 24:5 says that male soldiers, in their first year of marriage, were to stay home with their new brides!

Nehemiah urged the men to fight for their families and homes (Nehemiah 4:14).

I believe the greatest role, for a woman, is to welcome her husband back home from war.

Such was the case when King Saul and David returned from battle (1 Samuel 18:6–7).

what a nice wife!

“What about Deborah and Jael?” many people ask. Deborah, reluctantly, went into battle with the Israelite warrior, Barak, not as a female combatant but as a judge of Israel, to shame the cowardice men (Judges 4:4–9). But she never fought with the men!

The woman, Jael, killed the enemy general, Sisera, not in battle, but while doing her domestic chores in a tent, where Sisera had retreated to hide (Judges 4:17–22).

There will be a part to this blog in the upcoming months. I feel like this blog's been way too long as it is. And I do look forward to your replies to this blog. God bless and have a great day.

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