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"Abortion was LEGAL in Biblical Israel" Ah? NO!

The Claim:

"Exodus 20:13 actually refers to murder, but in the Bible, in that same Old Testament Judaism, life began with first breath outside of the womb. Abortion was LEGAL in Biblical Israel and it is LEGAL NOW in Israel for this same reason. Multiple verses refer to life at first breath. No verses claim life at conception.

But then the people who actually READ the Bible know the truth that exposes your witness as false. There is no honest Biblical support for forcing women, and little girls and victims of rape or incest to carry a fetus to term. There is just the evil, false dogma you prefer to live by and seek to force on others. There is nothing Christian about that. At all."

From the Twitter account of Hikyuumikado
From the Twitter account of Hikyuumikado

The Rebuke:

If you can't point to Genesis 1-2, that shows God calling the killing of Children, inside or outside the womb, "Good,"? Then that means every one of the verses you provided is out of Context.

Gen 1 - 2 is the positive standard!

Gen 2:7 speaks about Adam's creation. Adam was not born of a woman but was made by God. Thus Adam's life Began not as a child but as a formed man who was given breath by God.

Job 33:4.

An excellent recommendation for you is to start at the beginning of the book, instead of jumping halfway into Job, to turn around and say:

"Life Begins at first breath."

Is grossly irresponsible!

Basic summary of Job 33:4.

Job has just finished rebuking his Friend Elibu, who now turns around and rebukes Job. In his rebuke and Anger, Elibu Mentions:

"The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life."

One reason Elibu mentions this statement is to convey authority to Job, by claiming that God is with him in his rebuke. When God in fact wasn't on the side of Elibu.

God would harshly rebuke all of Jobs 3 friends later in the book. (I encourage you to read all of Job)

I have no idea why you would mention John 10:30?

"I and the Father are one."

I agree with that Passage.

Psalms 139.13-16 is clear. God is Knitting a child together from the Beginning. From the moment, the sperm and the egg come into contact with each other; Knitting takes place.

Your problem is you are trying to Insert Modern-day Terminology into scripture. And are expecting scripture to deal with your modern-day term of "Conception." This is disingenuous on your part.

It is clear from the description found in Psalms 139 that what is being described is what we would call "Conception".

I am curious to see if you have actually read Numbers 5:11-31? If so, are you able to give the context to this verse?

Do you really think God is using Numbers to affirm the murdering of a child in the womb?

"in that same Old Testament Judaism, life began with first breath outside of the womb. Abortion was LEGAL in Biblical Israel and it is LEGAL NOW"

If you think the Holy God of this world affirmed the killing of babies inside or outside of the womb, during God's covenant with Israel?

Then you do not understand the Old Testament. God wanted Israel to multiply, and when Israel found itself in idolatry, and engaging in idolatrous practices, such as sacrificing their children to the false gods of the regions. God judged Israel. Just read the book of Judges.

You should also read Ezekiel 16:5-6:

"you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised. Then I passed by and saw you kicking about in your blood, and as you lay there in your blood I said to you, "Live!"

God describes graphically how the Canaanites, Amorites, and Hittites dealt with their unwanted children.

Then, God uses their demonic practice as a metaphor to explain how he saved Israel.

Do you really think a Holy and Just God would approve the demonic practice of abortion?

"There is just the evil, false dogma you prefer to live by and seek to force on others. There is nothing Christian about that. At all."

Only in the Christian worldview can we account for what is evil, and what is Good.

You reject the Christian standard?


You are now left with neo-Darwinism Marxists Society; Best of luck with that failed and Demonic Society.

Not one! society in history has survived with a value ideology of evolution , marxists Dogma, as it's foundation. That Bankrupt worldview only leads to one conclusion, and that is death.

Also, best of luck with trying to account for anything moral in the evolution religion.

I can call rape morally wrong because I have a standard of what is righteous and good.

You don't.

You have seaweed as your Origins.

A baboon doesn't care about death sentences for a rapist.

But the God of the scriptures does. So don't blame God or Christians because societies don't want to execute convicted rapists; that's your worldview Interjecting the desire to Cuddle a rapist.

Scripture is clear: The father's sins are not to be carried over to the child. (Ezek.18:20) In the rare case where a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, she is not to kill the child because of the father's sins.

But let's be honest, why you're upset with God and Christians.

You want all the Premarital sex without the consequences of having a child.

You don't like that God made the family unit the standard? Tough! whether you like it or not God made creation for his standards and his purpose, and part of that purpose was to have women carry child in their Wombs.

Sex was to be made for husbands and wives.

It was not made to be used to sleep your way through your Facebook friends.

You and I are not neutral; you believe in a society that should be permitted to engage, in whatever form of sexual perversion they want to engage in.

On the other hand, my worldview believes in the family unit because it's based on the character of God.

I make no apologies for standing in the worldview of Christianity. I can only pray the good Lord does a work in your heart to show you that the Christian lifestyle is the best lifestyle for your sole and for the community.

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